August 2007

Five weeks and counting

Wise_1 Is Matt Wise having a harder time pitching since he hit Pedro Lopez of Cincinnati in the face?

– Mindy

Matt Wise seemed to have a problem with his control after hitting Pedro Lopez. When hitting someone in the face it can affect certain pitchers in different ways; It certainly did have a negative effect on Matt. It has taken him awhile to get over it and now he seems to be back on track.

Who was the last Brewer to steal home?Hall_2

-Joe R

According to The Brewers Director of Media Relations Mike Vassallo, Bill Hall was the last Brewer to steal home. It came on May 2nd against the St. Louis Cardinals. It was the back end of a double steal. Corey Hart was the runner at first. Manager Tony LaRussa told me he was caught off guard and blamed himself for letting that happen.

Cappy_1 Capuano and the Rotation

For all of the countless emails I received addressing Chris Capuano status in the rotation, that question has been answered after Chris’s last start against the Reds on August 19th at Miller Park. Although he did pitch a respectable 6 1/3 innings, leaving the game in a 5-5 tie. Manager Ned Yost decided it would be best for Chris to work out of the bullpen to try and regain his earlier form. I believe that Chris will come back to his All-Star form and be inserted back in the rotation down the stretch.

How do you explain JJ Hardy’s torrid home run pace during the first two months of the season and now his power has gone stone cold? Is it due to an injury or is it psychological?Hardy


JJ certainly got off to a hot start and was on pace to hit 50 home runs this season. As of this posting, JJ is hitting .276 in 116 games with 23 home runs and 70 rbi’s. If the season was to end today, everyone would say thay JJ has had a great year. It’s not that he has gone "stone cold" or he has an injury, or even something psycological; JJ is where everyone in the Brewer front office and Major League Staff expected him to be.

I learned from a great Manager, Whitey Herzog, who told me to watch players who are in territory they have never ventured before and see where they are in August and September. He said that over the course of the season they will be at the level they have always been. This will be JJ’s first full season in the Majors, and maybe we’re starting to see where his level will always be.

August emails

Where is Matt LaPorta playing?


Laporta_1 Matt LaPorta is playing rookie ball with Helena Brewers in the Pioneer League.

He has played in 3 games as of this posting; he is hitting .364 with 2 HR’s. He started late because of a slight quad muscle pull. He will probably go to West Virginia in the South Atlantic League after he has had a few more games under his belt.

Is Prince overswinging since the All-Star break?


Fielder2_2 I asked Prince if he felt he was overswinging and his answer was he did not think  so. I asked hitting coach Jim Skaalen about Prince’s swing and he said that Prince was not overswinging, but felt he was trying to do too much and did not have good pitch selection.

The way Jeff Suppan has been struggling, do you think Ned will move him to the bullpen?


Supan Yes, Jeff has been struggling but the Brewers will not move him to the bullpen. He will work out his problems and we will see the Jeff Suppan that started the season for the Brewers.

He has been working hard to correct his mechanics and it showed in his last start against the Mets on Tuesday. He pitched 6.1 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs both earned and 2 walks with no strikeouts.

Has Bill Hall’s ankle fully healed?


I asked Bill if his ankle is fully healed; he said it is sore at times but no pain at all.Hall  When he first came off the disabled list he was a little tenative. He is now showing no signs of the ankle sprain.