Mailbag: Yovani’s rehab, Bill Hall, Torres and Turnbow

Thumbnail image for gallardo.jpgHow is Yovani Gallardo progressing and will he be back to pitch this year?
– Travis

Yovani is working very hard with his rehab and seems to be ahead of schedule. Yovani has always been a hard worker, as he showed when he had surgery in spring training and came back ahead of schedule. If things go right, and there are no setbacks, he could be back around the middle of September.

hall.jpgWill Bill Hall and Russell Branyan continue to platoon at third base?
– Olivia

Right now, it is an ideal situation for the Brewers. Considering the way Russell is hitting against right hand pitching and the way Bill is hitting against left hand pitching, it has worked out well so far. With his offensive production so far, Russell Branyan has made it very difficult – at this time – for Bill Hall to be the everyday third baseman.

torres.jpgConsidering how well Salomon Torres is doing as the closer for the Brewers since taking over for the injured Eric Gagne, what will happen when Gagne return from the disabled list?
– Carlton

I don’t see the Brewers installing Gagne as the closer when he returns from the DL. If Torres continues to close games the way he has been doing, he will probably remain the closer. The Brewers are paying Gagne $10 million to be the closer; when he comes back, they probably will gradually work him out of the bullpen to see how he will do. There is no doubt that the Brewers bullpen would be so much more effective if Gagne was able to close out games. That would mean Torres, Mota, Riske (when he returns) and Shouse would return to their regular roles. For now, Torres is the closer.

turnbow.jpgWill Derrick Turnbow return to the Brewers and how is he doing in triple A?
– Jessica

Derrick Turnbow’s return to the Brewers is very unlikely at this time. He is at Triple A Nashville and is slowly trying to regain his form of two years ago. He 1-1 in 10 games including 4 starts with an ERA of 10.32. He has thrown 11 innings, giving up 9 hits, 13 earn runs with 30 walks and 16 K’s. Hopefully, he can regain his confidence and start being that intimidating pitcher he was a couple of years ago. We wish him well, because he is truly one of the good guys in baseball.


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At the beginning of the season I got the impression that the Brewers didn’t really want to re-sign Ben Sheets, given all the time he’s spent on the DL in every previous season. Of course this year he’s been lights out, and only missed a couple starts, so far. What are the chances that the Brewers will make a serious effort to sign Ben to another long-term contract? What kind of money do you think this will take, and can the Brewers even afford him?

I remember hearing that Bill Hall plans to have lasik done in the off season. When I watch the the games on TV he always seems to be squinting or struggling to see the ball. With his struggles and the fact Branyan is holding his own how much would it hurt to get this surgery done NOW? He’d be out about two or three weeks. It may just improve how he sees the ball and improve how the Brewers see him. Just seems like a no brainer to get it done now and have him back when we can really use him. Batting .220 all year won’t cut it. For the record Hall is still one of my favorite Brewers.

I know that it’s fun for the fans to vote for the all stars they want in the game but don’t you think this shouldn’t be the case. Let’s have the players only be voted on by peers and sports writers or staticians. Someone with more knowledge than “big names”. It’s a joke to see Soriano with more votes then Braun. Across the board Soriano doesn’t come close to having the year that Braun is. In fact Griffey, Soriano and Fukudome, don’t have the stats of Braun or Corey Hart. I would just like to see the players deserving of being in the game with a chance to be there. When this happens, maybe some players such as Hart will get a little more recognition. Not just Brewer fans should be mad about this. Nady of the pirates and Schumaker of Stl. and Giles for SD deserve recognition as much as these other players.

My question is related to the other guy! If Ben stays healthy why wouldnt the brewers throw a lot of money at Ben because he definitely deserves it, and if Ben doesnt sign with the brewers where else might he go; i herd places like Texas (where he’s from) and the yankees gotta be intrested. Thanks Davey!!!

Hey Dave,
I have a weird request. Maybe you guys could do some number crunching for the pre game show concerning pitches per plate appearance (#p/PA). It would be interesting to see how seeing a lot of pitches translates into higher BA and Slugging. Seems like success always follows when a batter can see more pitches. I would guess Kendall leads the team, since he rarely gets anything to hit. Thanks for any information you guys can provide.

Go Brewers

Hey Dave I was just wondering, if CC Sabathia were selected to the all-star team, this year then he were traded to the Brewers, would he still participate in the game, and for which team?

Good Morning Davey: If/When Yovanni Gallardo comes back this season do you think he will have to wait till the roster expands or will they send somebody down? And if they send somebody down who would it be McClung is out of options isn’t he?

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