August emails

Where is Matt LaPorta playing?


Laporta_1 Matt LaPorta is playing rookie ball with Helena Brewers in the Pioneer League.

He has played in 3 games as of this posting; he is hitting .364 with 2 HR’s. He started late because of a slight quad muscle pull. He will probably go to West Virginia in the South Atlantic League after he has had a few more games under his belt.

Is Prince overswinging since the All-Star break?


Fielder2_2 I asked Prince if he felt he was overswinging and his answer was he did not think  so. I asked hitting coach Jim Skaalen about Prince’s swing and he said that Prince was not overswinging, but felt he was trying to do too much and did not have good pitch selection.

The way Jeff Suppan has been struggling, do you think Ned will move him to the bullpen?


Supan Yes, Jeff has been struggling but the Brewers will not move him to the bullpen. He will work out his problems and we will see the Jeff Suppan that started the season for the Brewers.

He has been working hard to correct his mechanics and it showed in his last start against the Mets on Tuesday. He pitched 6.1 innings, 6 hits, 2 runs both earned and 2 walks with no strikeouts.

Has Bill Hall’s ankle fully healed?


I asked Bill if his ankle is fully healed; he said it is sore at times but no pain at all.Hall  When he first came off the disabled list he was a little tenative. He is now showing no signs of the ankle sprain.


Is there any chance the Brewers have of keeping the core players of Fielder, Braun, Hart, Weeks, Hardy, and Gallardo? I am an optimist but my Dad likes to joke around about Prince signing with the Yankees, Ryan with the Bosox, Hart with the D-Backs, etc. Please Mr. Atanasio shell out the bucks for these guys.

Who has the most complete games and shutouts in Brwers histoy.

Who was the Last Brwers player to be a MVP?

Who was MVP on the Brwers when they won the World Series?

Who was the last MVP on the Brewers?

Who has the most MVP awards in Brewers History?

Who was the MVP for the Brewers in 1982 world series?

What year did Hank Aaron, and Robin Yount retire?

Who played with the Brewers for the most years?

What was the the Brewers old stadium?

Who hit the farthest homerun in the Brewers old stadium and how far was it?

Who has the farthest grandslame in Brewers history?

Who has the most homeruns in a game and how many was it?

Who has the most RBI’s in a game and how many?

Who completd the cyclel the most in Brewers History?

Who was the last MVP on the Brewers and the Twins?

How many Rookies are on the Brewers?

How many pichers are on the Brewers that are Rookies?

Witch team has the most Rookies?

Who won the most MVP awards in NL?

Who won the most MVP awards in AL?

Who has the most carrer homeruns for the brwers this year?

How many home runs do the Brewers have all together from 2005 to 2007?

Tell Doug Melvin to hire Bob Brenly from the Cubs TV booth.

Hire Brenly now before this season of opportunity is lost.

Hey dave I hear you stoled 2nd 3rd and home in the same inning off Nolan Ryan!! Keep up the good work.Your 2 favored S.V. Ill. fans!

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