August 2009

Brewers Alumni attend 24th annual Major League Baseball Alumni Swing with the Legends Golf Tournament

On Monday, August 17, Brewers Alumnus Ken Sanders held his 24th
annual Major League Baseball Alumni Swing with the Legends Golf

The event was held at the Grand Geneva Resort & Spa.


Brewers Alumni Association hosted a breakfast for Brewer Alumni participating
in the tournament. Former Brewers attendees included: Jimmy Wynn, Phil Roof, Don August,
Willie Mueller, Paul Wagner, Bill Sharp, Andy Kosco, Bill Campbell, Larry
Hisle, Charlie Moore, Damian Miller, Ken Sanders, Jim Gantner & Tom
Tellmann. Also in attendance: Ryne Duren & Steve Rodgers. They listened to


keynote speaker, Rick Schlesinger, Executive Vice President – Business
Operations for the Brewers.


Other Brewer front office personel also attended, including Tyler Barnes,
Vice President – Communications, Teddy Werner, Director Business Operations and
Katina Shaw, Director Community Relations.

I’ll keep posting updates — you keep sending questions!

– Davey

Alumni Updates to Come

Hi Everyone – Just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know to expect a number of Brewers Alumni updates here shortly. Continue to send me questions regarding former Brewers and I’ll continue to track down the answers!

– Davey