Mailbag: Corey, Vinny, Matt LaPorta and Mark Rogers

hart.jpgWhy doesn’t Ned put Corey Hart in the lead off spot?
– Jamie

One of the reasons Corey is not in the lead off position is that he is driving in runs batting from the 5th spot. Corey is one of those players that can fit anywhere in the lineup. Rickie, despite his .208 average, has a respectable .338 on base percentage. He does find a way to get on base. Corey has a higher on base percentage .358, but like I said, he is driving in runs hitting behind Prince.

laporta.jpgWith Ryan Braun in left field, what will happen to Matt LaPorta when he is ready for the Major Leagues?
– George

Although Matt LaPorta seems to be on the fast track to the Major Leagues, he is in his first full season of professional baseball. He will more than likely spend a full season in Huntsville where he is hitting .296, 11 HR, 41 RBI. He is playing right field and has been playing some first base. It is a good situation for the Brewers and who knows what will happen two years from now; one thing is for sure, the Brewers have some very good talent in Huntsville. Besides LaPorta, Third baseman Mat Gamel is hitting 367, 10 HR, 40 RBI in 46 games. Centerfielder Michael Brantley is hitting .321, 15 SB in 44 games. Shortstop Alcides Escobar is hitting .294 with 9 SB in 45 games.

Whatever happened to RHP Mark Rogers, a number 1 pick for the Brewers in 2004?
– Marcel

Mark Rogers missed the entire 2007 season due to surgery on his right shoulder. He is currently rehabbing in Arizona with our Arizona Rookie League Team. The Brewers are taking it slow with him; in 2005, Baseball America rated him as having the best fastball in the organization. They also rated Mark to have the best slider in the organization. In 2005, he struck out 109 batters in 98.2 innings. In 2006, in 71 innings, he struck out 96. Hopefully, he will stay healthy and if so, the Brewers feel confident he will pitch someday in the Major Leagues.

rottino.jpgWhat is the outlook for Vinny Rottino? Will he be brought up this year?

Vinny Rottino is playing at Triple A Nashville, where he is catching and is doing much better. His catching has improved and he is starting to swing the bat a lot better. Unless there is an injury, he will more than likely stay in Nashville and may get a September call up. Vinny is a very versatile player; he needs to continue to improve his catching and if that happens, he will have a chance to play with a Major League Team; hopefully it will be with the Brewers.

Keep sending in your questions everyone – I’ll keep answering them!



Billy Hall, I have played in the Big Ten, Bill Hall’s problem hitting Right handed pitching is easy to figure out, and I’m surprised no one on the coaching staff has seen it. His problem is there pitching him outside. He’s standing to far off the plate and when he swings his lead foot is closer to third than the pitcher. Stand closer, look at the film, every time you swing at something outside you have to reach. Look at tape of when you pinch hit vs Flordia and hit one that hasn’t landed yet, look where you were standing and where your front foot landed?? Closer to the plate and you stepped towards the pitcher. Bill Hall is a great hitter, and could be a huge superstar. The Brewers need you everyday, be the hitter you can be, and Try it!!!!

In professional soccer, you see trainers use this “special spray” on injured players. It supposedly eases the pain and numbs the injury. Why don’t MLB teams’ trainers use “special spray” when players are hit by a pitch?

Kevin- Greenfield

Keep up the good work.

Corey Hart should definatley be the leadoff guy he gets on almost every time he is up. Rickie Weeks shouldn’t even be in the organization anymore it’s been 3 years of MLB play, where is the all-star he was supposed to be? His swing and technique is horrible, his back leg kicks out on every swing. How can Skaalen not see that? They pay him to make there hitters better, problem his they’re getting worse!!! Bill Hall is about a mile and a half away from home plate, he can’t hit the outside pitch from a righty come on Skaalen, get your head out of your rear, and coach somebody!!! Ned Yost has cost the Brewers 20 games over the past two years, how he is still the manager I have no idea! Cecil Cooper should be the manager. It’s just beyond me the coaching or lack there of by the Brewers staff only Maddux, Sveum, and Castro do anything positive, c’mon!!!

who is the nicest brewers player, and who don’t you want to make mad???
Dana, Seymour

Why talk of Corey Hart in the line-up? They won’t pay-up to keep him! He will go the way of other excellent Brewer players to make his $mark$ with another team…

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