June 2007

Listach and Saenz

Listach What ever happened to Pat Listach AL rookie of the year with the Brew Crew in 1992?

– Gerald

Pat Listach is managing the Cubs’ Double AA Team, the Tennessee Smokies in the Southern League. Pat edged out Kenny Lofton for Rookie of the Year, but his playing career ended a few years later.

SaenzSeveral seasons ago, I recall the Brewers bringing up a Class AA pitcher to face the Cardinals.  He was effective, but was soon returned to the minors.  I cant recall his name, but I am curious as to whatever happened to him. Can you help me out?

-Jim G.

After beating the Cardinals, Chris Saenz was sent down to the Minors the next day. Shortly after that season, he developed arm problems and was never the same pitcher. He is currently pitching for the Angels’ Double AA team, the Arkanas Travelers. And he is 1-5 with a 7.29 ERA.

Gallardo, Rickie and a Nilsson Update

Gallardo_1 Do you think the Brewers will call up Yovanni Gallardo this year?

I’ve gotten a ton of e-mails asking about Yovanni, so I figured I’d answer them all at once.

At this point in time, the Brewers will not call up Yovanni, unless one of our starting pitchers goes down with an injury. Yovanni’s pitching lights out in Nashville with an 8-2 record, an ERA of 2.89 and 98 K’s in 71 1/3 innings.

Of course, the last time I answered a call-up questions, it was about Ryan Braun. I said he’d be called up after the All-Star break and he was, in fact, called up the next day– so who knows about Yovanni!

Rickie_1 When Rickie comes back do you think that Ned will leave Corey in the lead-off spot?

– John

When Rickie returns to the lineup, I believe manager Ned Yost will insert Rickie back in the lead-off spot. The way our lineup shapes up, Rickie is best suited in the lead-off spot. Corey is so adaptable in the lineup, he can fit anywhere with great results.

Last time, I answered a question about former Brewer Dave Nilsson. He’s contacted me and had this to share:


"I am living on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
I’ve been appointed by MLB to run The MLB Academy in Australia. (June,July,August.)
Good to see The Brew Crew having success.