West Coast Trip

The Brew Crew starts a difficult West Coast trip, May 21-27; playing the Dodgers for three games and the Padres for three. They do have an off day in San Deigo. The Brewers start this West Coast Trip in first place(27-17) 5 1/2 in front of Houston.

Sunday’s 6-5 win over Inter-league rival Minnesota was sparked by the bat of Geoff Jenkins; accounting for 5 RBI’S and hitting a 3 run homer. His homerun was career number 200 and puts him one behind Cecil Cooper on the  Brewer all time list. Hall of Famer, Robin Yount is the Brewer career leader at 251.

If the Brewers come off this West Coast trip 3-3 it will be a success. The Brewers must do better on this trip than the last one when they were 2-5 losing 2 out of 3 to the Mets and 3 out 4 to the Phillies.


Hey Dave,

Wecome to MLBlogs! I write a blog called My Brewers (http://mybrewers.mlblogs.com). I’m really enjoying the tag team of you and Craig for Brewers Live. For years I was jealous of Cubs fans because they had nice pre and post game shows (that’s the only thing I was jealous of though). Now we have that, too! You are a class act and I am glad the team kept you for your on and off camera work. Keep up the great work!




Great to have you on MLBlogs! Brewer bloggers are growing everyday. I’m very happy you are still with the Brewers. You have great insight before and after games. I look forward to reading your posts as the season progresses. If you ever need more material for a show, think of us over at the Brewer Nation. Like MyBrewers and other Brewer blogs, we are serious Brewer fans.

South Side Rob

Host of the Brewer Nation



I am thrilled to see you’re doing media work for the Brewers. You are first class all the way, and the team is smart to keep you on in a public relations capacity. I look forward to the comments and insights you share via your new blog.


Hey Dave, nice job on Brewers live! Keep up the good work. One quick question: When will Ned bring Ryan Braun up to play third? We can always use more bats to help out pitching. Thanks Dave Bauer Woodville, WI

Welcome to the MLBLOGs community, Mr. Nelson.

Glad to have you here. The more educated/intelligent Brewers bloggers the better!

Adam “Big” Rygg

Co-host of the Brewer Nation


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