Mailbag Round 2

With so many outfielders what are the Brewers plans for Corey Hart?

– Marty

Corey Hart is in the Brewers plans as a platoon outfielder. He is a very valuable player for the Brewers. One day he will be an everyday player in my opinion.

What is Dave Nilsson up to these days?

– Dave

Dave Nilsson lives in Queensland, Australia and is developing real estate. In his last experience with baseball he was on the Australian Olympic baseball team. He also played for Australia during the World Baseball Classic.

Where is Sixto Lezcano and what is he up to now?


Sixto Lezcano lives in Orlando, Florida and is the hitting coach for the Atlanta Braves Gulf Coast League Rookie Team. We will be honoring Sixto on July 15Th, Cerveceros Day prior to the Brewers versus Rockies.


Hey Dave, Likewise with all the OF’s the Brew Crew has, will Tony Gwynn Jr. ever get 500+ at-bats? This kid can really hit the ball.

Hey Dave why does Bill Hall **** so much? Gwynn equals future.

Hi Davey,
First let me tell you I am so excited you are still with the Brewers….you are one of my favorites!!! Now, on to my question..what has happened to Jr. Spivey? I’ve looked and looked and cannot find any info on him. Can you help?

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