Listach and Saenz

Listach What ever happened to Pat Listach AL rookie of the year with the Brew Crew in 1992?

– Gerald

Pat Listach is managing the Cubs’ Double AA Team, the Tennessee Smokies in the Southern League. Pat edged out Kenny Lofton for Rookie of the Year, but his playing career ended a few years later.

SaenzSeveral seasons ago, I recall the Brewers bringing up a Class AA pitcher to face the Cardinals.  He was effective, but was soon returned to the minors.  I cant recall his name, but I am curious as to whatever happened to him. Can you help me out?

-Jim G.

After beating the Cardinals, Chris Saenz was sent down to the Minors the next day. Shortly after that season, he developed arm problems and was never the same pitcher. He is currently pitching for the Angels’ Double AA team, the Arkanas Travelers. And he is 1-5 with a 7.29 ERA.


Hey Dave
Great info again this week. Perhaps this question has already been covered on the pre-game show, but maybe you could fill us all in on a fan that seems to attend most every Brewer home game. He sits in the front row, next to the visitor dugout, and always shows his support for the team, donning retro jerseys, caps, and even Seattle Pilots gear. The TV broadcast generally shows his reaction shots after great plays on the field, and it would be great to know a bit of info about a fellow fan. Could you help discover some info on this Brewer super-fan?


Brewers are going to blow it, watch em, second half the season, they’re going to go from home town heroes to home town zeroes, my team will finish with a better record and my team ***** this year.
Ha ha ha ha.

The *** Crew *****

I’m sorry about the recent comment I put forth on this bulletin board, that was me speaking out of anger towards the Milwaukee Brewers, because my beloved Cardinals were doing so horrible at the time and I felt that if I let my anger out on here that it would get rid of some of that anger, but all it did was make me angry at myself for throwing out mean and random comments about a young team who’s been working their butts off hard and holding off the Cubs miraculously for the division lead in the Central.

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