Five tool player, Johnny Estrada, and Sharing Secrets

What is a five tool player?Arod


When a player is referred to as a five tool player; that simply means that he is well above average in all aspects of the game.  So you look for a player that has speed, power, strong arm, hits for average and is a great fielder.

Why doesn’t Johnny Estrada take off his mask when catching a pop up?



Johnny says he feels he sees the ball better and it takes too much time to flip off his mask. He said he has always kept his mask on ever since becoming a professional baseball player.

When a player is traded does he share his inside knowledge of his former team with his new team? Is it an unwritten rule that you don’t tell secrets about your former teammates?Clark


No, it is not an unwritten rule! When a player is traded to a team in the same league he will share what knowledge he has with his current team. It may be sharing what his former team’s signs are or certain tendencies the manager has; for example the manager likes to hit and run on a certain count or the signs he gives to the third base coach,


Who would you consider a five tool player on the Brewers? I would think Ryan Braun and Corey Hart are two of them.

A group of friends and I are going to the home game this Tuesday. Are there any chances of getting the Buckethead Brigades around this year?

Any luck on finding out what Junior Spivey is up to these days?

In the day where refs and players are getting caught cheating regularly, what’s to stop the Brewers closer pitchers from getting paid to throw meat-balls in the late innings to give away games. Looks like it.

ontreehillvr21- I don’t think Ryan Braun would be considered a five tool player at all. He is not a great fielder, that part of his game definetely needs work.

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