Opening Day Roster Round-Up

Spring Training is
winding down and Opening Day is right around the corner for the Brewers. Are
they all set for the opener against the Cubs on March 31st?

Well, the roster questions have been answered – for now. The infield is set with Fielder,
Weeks, Hardy and Hall. As is the outfield with Hart, Cameron and Braun as starters;
Gwynn, Gross and Kapler round out the outfield. Jason Kendall will be the
starting catcher with Mike Rivera for the backup position.

As for the pitching, the
rotation seems to be set with Sheets, Suppan, Bush, Villanueva and Parra. With
the surprising release of Claudio Vargas, that opened the door for both
Villanueva and Parra. Don’t forget that Yovani Gallardo will be ready to get
back in the rotation by mid April.

That means someone will have to go to
bullpen or back to Triple A.

The bullpen with
Gagne, Turnbow Riske, Torres, Shouse, McClung and Mota seems to be pretty well
set. Craig Counsell and Joe Dillon will be on the bench as the utility players.

Here are some
decisions GM Doug Melvin and MGR Ned Yost will have to make:

ike Cameron will miss
the first 25 games of the season due to suspension. Centerfield looks like it
will be Tony Gwynn handling most of that duty while Cameron serves his
suspension. What happens when Cameron comes back? Someone has to go. The
decision will be whether to stay with 6 outfielders and 1 utility player. They
will probably go with 5 outfielders and 2 utility players. Joe Dillon a utility
infielder has been used in the outfield.Galardo

– Another decision will
be made when Yovani Gallardo moves back in the rotation. Someone will again have to
go. Villanueva has pitched out of the bullpen and could be moved there. Manny Parra
could be sent to triple A depending on how he is doing. They could also move
someone out of the bullpen depending on need. They seem like tough decisions,
and they are, but the players involved will help make those decisions for Melvin
and Yost.


Some of you are
concerned whether the Brewers will sign Prince and some of the other young
players who they consider the core of the team. Owner Mark Attanasio has made it known that he would like to not only
sign Prince but the other players like Braun and Hart. I believe he will do
whatever he can to sign these players and keep them in the fold for as long as


lot of you emailed
me asking about Damian Miller; Damian is retired and living in La Crosse. He was a class
act and will be missed both on the field and in the clubhouse.


I also received
emails concerning Tony Graffanino; Graff is still recovering from his knee
injury and feels once healed he can help a team out.

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