Injuries and Updates

Do you think the Brewers will need to trade for a quality starter with the injury to gallardo.jpgGallardo?
– Lowell

I don’t think the Brewers will do anything as far as a trade just yet. A lot depends on what Dave Bush will do now that he is back and will replace Gallardo in the rotation. Also the progress of both Carlos Villanueva and Manny Parra will have a lot say if the Brewers will try to trade for a quality starter. All three, Bush, Villanueva & Parra will have to start pitching better if the Brewers are to contend in the NL Central. Obviously, the injury to Gallardo hurts and everyone will have to step it up a notch.

Why are so many players using Maple instead of ash?

– Red

Talking to a Louisville Slugger representative, it seems that Maple is heavier, harder and denser than Ash. Players are going with bigger barrels and smaller handles; that is why you will see the Maple break a lot around the handle. Ash on the other hand has grains and you will see them splinter more instead of breaking off. If a player orders Maple, the equipment manager will probably order him 18 Maple and if he orders Ash, he would probably order 12. Right now it seems like a novelty and the “in thing” in bats.

cameron.jpgDo you see Mike Cameron batting better than his career average this year?
– Brad

Starting the 2008 season, Mike Cameron has a lifetime Major League average of .251; I think Mike will be above his lifetime average but not by much. He had a .268 in 141 games with San Diego in 2006. Last year in a 151 games with San Diego, he hit .242. In 2005 Mike hit .273 in 76 games with the Mets. His season was shortened due to an injury. The one thing about Mike is the fact he’s very durable and will get to the plate over 500 times.

bush.jpgWhy not use Dave Bush as a close or in middle relief?
– Mick

Since the injury to Yovani Gallardo, Dave Bush will step into Yovani’s spot in the rotation. Dave has a very good and resilient arm. He could be used in several ways if he was in the bullpen, including closing some games. The Brewers feel he best suits their needs as a starter in their rotation.


Have you heard anything of trying to use Seth McClung in the rotation? I mean, the way things are going, what do you have to lose? Wasn’t he a starter for a while with the Rays? He has a live arm and may give them a boost.

Davey, thank you for taking the time to write back from my previous post on your blog. I am doing my best to stay positive during this rough stretch for the Brewers and look forward to a turnaround.

By the way, I’m originally from Richland Center, WI and my 7th and 8th grade English teacher was Kathy Kretchmer. She mentioned you several times and speaks highly of you.

I have a question regarding Matt LaPorta. He’s tearing up AA Hunstville with 10 homers and a .342 batting average. Do you think there’s any possibility of a call-up to the big club if the team continues to struggle hitting the ball? Would an injury lead to him being called up? Or is he going to stay in the minors at least one more year regardless? Thanks and keep up the good work!!

Do you think that it is fair for your club to use money you have taken from clubs such as the Red Sox,Mets and Yankees in so called revenue sharing,and because Bud Selig who had a vested interest in the Brewers decided as baseball commisioner to ask small market teams if they would vote to take other clubs hard earned money,and of course they voted yes.So now a few years down the road,your club amongst others is able to use that money to sign players like Ryan Braun to contracts,and also to give them signing bonuses.I think it is a disgrace,and the legal system in the U.S.A. should not have allowed a law which takes money away from clubs who have earned their money,but because Selig did a deal with the politicians,it was allowed to stand.An utter disgrace.From John

Wow John. That was pretty hard to follow, but I guess what you are failing to realize is that Major League Baseball was the last of the major professional sports to have revenue sharing. Revenue sharing and a salary cap are what allowed the NFL to overtake baseball in terms of popularity and commercial appeal.
By the way, baseball (like all other major sports) does not have to follow the same rules as many other businesses because of their anti-trust exemptions. Check your facts before posting next time (and maybe take off your Yankees glasses).

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