The Brewers Improved Defense and the Return of Mike Cameron


Are the Brewers an improved team over last year? What are their chances on winning the Central Division?
John Gehring

The Brewers are improved over last year. The acquisitions of Mike Cameron & Jason Kendall will help improve a defense which finished 12th in the National League last year. When you look at this year’s team, there is more maturity and experience and they have better arms in the bullpen. Yes, they are better and now they just have to go out do it. All the teams in the Central improved themselves on paper including the Brewers. The Brewers can win the Central if they play good defense and our young starters Gallardo, Parra and Villanueva continue to show improvement on what they did last year.


What happens to Gabe Kapler when Mike Cameron comes back?
Lowell Kirchenwitz

Gabe Kapler is playing very well for the Brewers and is swinging a hot bat. He knows what his role is for the Brewers as do Tony Gwynn and Gabe Gross. Their playing will dwindle when Cameron is back. Manager Ned Yost will try to utilize them as often as possible. Braun, Cameron and Hart will have the bulk of the playing time in the outfield.


Will the Brewers ever have Milwaukee on the front of their away uniforms?

Never say Never!!!!! From my understanding the Brewers feel that they represent not only Milwaukee, but the State of Wisconsin. That is why they have Brewers on the front of their road uniforms. However, they do have a “Milwaukee” patch on the left sleeve.

Thanks everyone – keep those questions coming!


How long is it going to take before Ned Yost knows Gagne can’t do it as are closer. Also would be trading for then a closer or who do you believe will fill in for Gagne.

Hi Davey, great to see you interacting with the fans here on your blog. Also, interesting to note that the unis don’t say Milwaukee. I guess I had never noticed it before. I’m glad they care about representing all the people in Wisconsin. Being from Southwestern Wisconsin its hard to get to as many games as I’d like, but it doesn’t diminish my enthusiasm for the Brewers.

I have started my own blog on MLBlogs. The site is below. Please feel free to visit and tell me what you think. Keep up the good work!!

It seems to me that Dave Bush does a good job of pitching but only for about 5 innings. Why not use him as a closer or bring him in during the middle innings?

With the loss of Gallardo, it seems like we have Sheets, Suppan, and pray for luck! Plus there is a weakness in Gagne. Is there any talk of the Brewers trading the seeming wealth of outfielders they have for some pitching? And why not give Mota or Torres a chance to close? Come on, the future is now! Thanks for listening to a Brewer fan exiled in Twins country.

I just wanted to say first off that I am very impressed as of late not only with Gagne’s encouraging performance but with the entire Brewer’s team. Everyone is pitching in to give thunderous effort for the whole team and not just one guy is trying to stand out. It’s a beautiful thing to read about and watch. If they can keep this modest attitude going and not get down on themselves they will continue to win many games. Everyone is doing their part and is capable of adding something positive to the team’s performance. Also, much credit goes to Ned Yost who is making wise decisions about who to use at the right time. Keep it up fellas. Don’t slow down now!

I also wanted to add that I think they are VERY capable of winning the whole shabang if they focus at one game, one out, one at bat at a time. Take things as they come. They will do it.

Your club should say a big thank you to the Yankees,the Mets,and Red Sox,Giants and Dodgers and now the Tigers.Because thanks to the revenue so called scheme your club is able to sign players such as Ryan Braun,and even give them a signing bonus.Well done Bud Selig,your club(Sorry,former club)should be proud of you.An utter disgrace.–John H.

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